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China is the prominent host market for international students at all education levels. Sending more than 544,500 students to study abroad in 2016. Overseas schools and universities seeking to grow their international student population must have an engagement strategy for the complex and competitive Chinese market. is a world-wide school showcase of accredited educational institution websites to Chinese students who are making direct application- without the assistance of an education consultancy- to international schools and colleges all over of the world.

Participating schools have a recruiting webpage on our portal to promote their school and communicate with the qualified applicants with the support of our on-the-ground team in China. has more than 15-years experience in offering international education providers a reliable, effective recruitment service in China. Our initial efforts helped dramatically expand the Chinese student recruitment for many of the leading English speaking universities and high schools. Our organization has affiliation with BOSSA, COSA, ICEF and most other leading international education associations and bodies. Based on long-term co-operation with more than 300 agencies & over 100 schools/universities in China, we provide overseas schools, colleges & universities a proven platform to find the right Chinese partners & qualified students.

Ready to recruit qualified Chinese students?

  • *Don’t have a travel budget?
  • *Cannot work with study agents?
  • *Your school has not had recruitment success previously?
  • *School administrators expect unreasonably quick ROI’s?

We have the answer!- The Elite School Network Direct Application Model provides your school a local marketing platform and presence to obtain guaranteed recruitment outcomes.

Our turnkey services include:

  • *A localized Chinese web presence at
  • *Active, ongoing internet and social media marketing campaign
  • *Dedicated study abroad counselor to follow up in-person and online with student inquiries for your school
  • *Completed applications sent directly to your school- our local team collects and collects all mandatory application documents.
  • * Best of all- your school is guaranteed a minimum number of completed student applications and enrollments.

What is required of your school?

  • 1) Provide a link to your online application for international admission and/or electronic application form
  • 2) Provide a contact point and mailing address for submission of transcripts and other required admission materials
  • 3) Upload a list of services that your school provides international students- ie. Airport pick-up, Housing Placement, Orientation, ESL/IEP programs, etc.
  • 4) Authorize Elite School Network to promote and recruit students for your school via appointment letter( see template)
  • 5) Allow Elite School Network to list your school logo on our in-country
  • 6) Provide news in English and photos about your school, which are the resource of tweets

Should your school like to learn more about the Elite School Network we invite you to call us at

  • China Office
  • Collen Li
  • A1205, Eagle Plaza, No.26 Xiaoyun Road
  • Chaoyang dist
  • Beijing, China
  • Tel:+86-10-59442111
  • email:
  • North America(CA/US)local representative office
  • Mark Matsumoto
  • California ETEC
  • 3972 Barranca Parkway, Suite 296-J
  • Irvine, CA 92606
  • Tel-714-624-7001
  • email-

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